What causes a tripped breaker or a blown fuse?

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1 Answer

A. A breaker or a fuse is an electrical safety valve. If too much current passes through it, the flow of current will be stopped. It can happen when the circuit is overloaded or if there's a short circuit in the wiring for an appliance or in the wiring system. If you're constantly tripping breakers or blowing fuses, don't simply replace them. Call an electrician. Q. How can I tell which breaker has tripped or which fuse is blown? TO TOP OF PAGE A. Usually, a visual inspection will show that a breaker has moved into a mid position or the "tripped position"; with fuses, the centre of the glass may turn black. If your home has the electrical circuits mapped out, it's just a matter of locating that circuit on the panel and changing the fuse or resetting the breaker. This eliminates any guesswork. If power is not restored, contact an electrician. Q. Can do I the circuit mapping myself? A. Yes. Electrical panels are supplied with small labels to indicate what each fuse or breaker is for, ... more
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