What causes cloudy aquarium water?

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1 Answer

A short yet informative note. Read more. In most cases it's due to the aquariums biological processes being off balance. The clouded water is formed from an excess of too many ions of negative water molecules and/or too many positive water molecules, that are not able to balance themselves. There are several reasons this can happen, we'll go over some below. This is usually caused when initially setting up an aquarium, or from high nutrient levels in the aquarium for example (a decaying fish, overfeeding, lack of water changes, etc.), or from too many additives being added at once, such as: pH up, pH down, water clarifiers, aquarium chlorine removers, ammonia removers, and aquarium medications. These chemicals when over-used and sometimes when used in conjunction with each other will typically start to kill off your beneficial bacteria, thus throwing your water off balance and causing the cloudiness. In the case of a newer aquarium having too much decaying matter or overfeeding, the ... more
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