What Causes Dead Skin on Feet?

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There are several reasons that cause dead skin on feet. Too much of exposure in the outside atmosphere forms layers of dead skin on feet. When the skin becomes dry, there is an increase in the formation of the dead skin. If your feet are constantly in the water for some reason, then the water washes off all the natural oils from the feet. The loss of these oils makes the skin dry and scaly. This dry skin increases the dead skin on the feet. Taking long hot showers or baths also deprive the body of all its oil, making it dry. This is another reason why continuous use of too much of hot water is not recommended. If the soap that you use is very harsh or strong, then that soap could also lead to the formation of layers of dead skin on your feet. Harsh soaps are one of the several causes of dry skin on feet, which increases the dead skin on the feet. People who have dry skin from their birth are more at the risk of having a lot of dead skin on their body. Different seasons also change ... more
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