What Causes Low Self Worth?

causes low self worth

As a child, parents are the biggest influence on self-esteem. Children who are consistently criticized, berated, yelled at or beaten by a parent quickly learn they are worthless. If a child is continually ignored, teased or ridiculed or if they are expected to be perfect all the time in order to be accepted, they eventually develop a poor self-image. If a child constantly fails at school or does poorly in sports, they will experience identity issues, especially when they reach their teens. How a parent deals with the situation is what directly impacts whether or not a child will develop a healthy self-image. Low self esteem can often occur as a result of a harsh or neglectful parent. If you have feelings of worthlessness, it has probably manifested in one of the following ways. You may have taken on the role of the constant loser, the person who is always waiting for the other shoe to drop and is helpless to do anything about it. Self-pity provides an excuse to avoid taking responsibil