What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

Isaac Kahugu


Gloria Cowdery Gloria Cowdery edited answer

There are a possible combination of reasons that can make your arm fall asleep (many have been answered here).


It does depend on your other symptoms. Do you experience it only as you fall asleep at night? As many have asked here, is tingling involved? Are you in a particular position?


A doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist could provide an educated guess, however, both answering these questions as well as testing could reveal the answer more clearly.


Many factors and conditions can give similar symptoms (a pinched nerve, back problems, disease, or even a viral condition) – it may be simple prolonged pressure to one side. It may even be a combination of factors that have been previously mentioned on this forum.


Both answering these questions, and tuning in to what position your body is in, can often yield a simple answer. I hesitate to advise without more clarity to your situation. Your question does not provide much information.


Please provide more detail about your circumstances. Also, understand that, although this panel is knowledgeable and can provide sound advice, if your circumstances do not clear up, it is always a good practice to go for further testing.


Linda Uwaoma

In lay man terms, there is pressure building up in those arms!

You probably rolled over to one of your arms and constricted them causing it to go numb.

Quick fix: get that blood pumping, shake the numb bit to get circulation going again. If it doesn’t work in about 5 minutes, go seek some medical help as it may be something more serious.

Athena Druid

Ignore Johnson Tan. He has NO clue what he is talking about and is just being a troll.

Now the REAL TRUTH that causes  your arm to fall asleep whether it be night or day has to do with the MAIN nerve that goes through your arm. When that nerve is laid on wrong it causes a pinch, hence the tingling or numbing sensation.

Masha Esina Masha Esina edited answer

You may have spine problems. Do you have back pain? I felt the same way few years ago. The doctor said I should have more phisical exercises and be more active through out the day. I even bought a standing desk. Finding the perfect combination of sitting and standing throughout the day is extremely important. Just because you have a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to stand ALL day. In fact, that can be just as harmful (in excess). I’ve tried several different combinations since owning a height-adjustable desk https://www.primecables.com/p-355830-cab-et101-wh-primecables-electric-sit-standing-desk-height-adjustable-desk-frame-table-top-not-include-white Starting off, I alternated sitting/standing every hour. I’m more likely now to go 2 to 4 hours until I take a 30 minute sitting break. I wish you be healthy and fine!