What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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alan avak

What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

Winter Crane

If you are resting, or not moving, the blood may not be flowing properly through your body, hence it falls asleep. If it occurs, just move your arms a little

Mehdi Khlif

It maybe caused by throttling blood by sleeping on it

Riley Chavarria

Is it both arms? Or left or right arm?

Attesam Ahmad

Hello Alan Avak!

Following are the possible reasons for the arms to asleep at night:

  • Lack of vitamin B. It is most common in older adults and people who drink excessively.
  • Fluid Preservation which might be caused by many things like ingestion of high amount of salt and Fluctuations in hormone level.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused when the median nerve is pinched or compressed.


Chantel Van Rensburg

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