What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

Athena Druid

Ignore Johnson Tan. He has NO clue what he is talking about and is just being a troll.

Now the REAL TRUTH that causes  your arm to fall asleep whether it be night or day has to do with the MAIN nerve that goes through your arm. When that nerve is laid on wrong it causes a pinch, hence the tingling or numbing sensation.


You may have spine problems. Do you have back pain? I felt the same way few years ago. The doctor said I should have more phisical exercises and be more active through out the day. I even bought a standing desk. Finding the perfect combination of sitting and standing throughout the day is extremely important. Just because you have a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to stand ALL day. In fact, that can be just as harmful (in excess). I’ve tried several different combinations since owning a height-adjustable desk https://www.primecables.com/p-355830-cab-et101-wh-primecables-electric-sit-standing-desk-height-adjustable-desk-frame-table-top-not-include-white Starting off, I alternated sitting/standing every hour. I’m more likely now to go 2 to 4 hours until I take a 30 minute sitting break. I wish you be healthy and fine!


when we sleep at night then our all organs are in a sleep state means in this state of mind (sleep) our all voluntary muscles like u say your arms will not sensorly active but will show inhibition with any interaction with the surroundings.

Johnson Tan

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This sensation is numbness. It happens because of compression of nerves in the upper arm. This causes stoppage of axonal flow inside the nerve fibres. when the compression is relieved the flow starts abruptly and gives an unpleasant sensation of tingling. So, there is tinging & numbness sensation. It recovers within few minutes when the compression is lifted. Try not to lie on either side. Try to sleep on back.