What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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alan avak Posted

What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?


This sensation is numbness. It happens because of compression of nerves in the upper arm. This causes stoppage of axonal flow inside the nerve fibres. when the compression is relieved the flow starts abruptly and gives an unpleasant sensation of tingling. So, there is tinging & numbness sensation. It recovers within few minutes when the compression is lifted. Try not to lie on either side. Try to sleep on back.

Robert Kotnik

It is because your sleeping on it and your weight stops the blood from entering your arm.try sleeping on your back


Recommend to see a doctor/get a blood test. Could be indicative of a Vitamin B12 deficiency.


Usually it is related to your energy levels there are so Mac other factors leading on from that

Cathy Galindo

Often this feeling will go away on its own, or as the result of a minor readjustment in how you’re positioning your body.

If the issue persists, jot down when it happens, how long it lasts, and whether you’re experiencing any other symptoms. This can help your doctor determine whether a pinched nerve, a neurological issue, or other cause is behind your symptoms..You can share your experience and hear the answers to all the questions on this forum edrugforum.com/ .