What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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What causes my arms to fall asleep at night?

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Attesam Ahmad

Hello Alan Avak!

Following are the possible reasons for the arms to asleep at night:

  • Lack of vitamin B. It is most common in older adults and people who drink excessively.
  • Fluid Preservation which might be caused by many things like ingestion of high amount of salt and Fluctuations in hormone level.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused when the median nerve is pinched or compressed.


Khidir Mullah

It is because your hand or actually the nerve gets pressed due to which bloodflow stops or slows down which results in ur arm to sleep.

Linda Uwaoma

In lay man terms, there is pressure building up in those arms!

You probably rolled over to one of your arms and constricted them causing it to go numb.

Quick fix: get that blood pumping, shake the numb bit to get circulation going again. If it doesn’t work in about 5 minutes, go seek some medical help as it may be something more serious.

Athena Druid

Ignore Johnson Tan. He has NO clue what he is talking about and is just being a troll.

Now the REAL TRUTH that causes  your arm to fall asleep whether it be night or day has to do with the MAIN nerve that goes through your arm. When that nerve is laid on wrong it causes a pinch, hence the tingling or numbing sensation.

Chloe Antares

Check what part of your arm is asleep when you wake up. If it is the whole arm it might be circultation related, you can check this by looking at the color of your hands. If it’s partially asleep, it could be nerve related. If the internal half of your arm + two last fingers (pinky and ring finger) is asleep, then it is possible you slept pressing on your cubital nerve at the height of your elbow. If it’s the other half, then it’s the radial nerve. Try to change the position you sleep in and reduce tension before you sleep (take a bath, meditate, don’t check your screens before you fall asleep, etc). It wouldn’t hurt to build up on potassium either.¬†


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