What causes odor in the perineal area?

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1 Answer

Odor can be the result of urinary or anal incontinence when some of the urine or stool remains on the skin. Urine odor is usually not due to an infection, but may be due to: Concentrated urine from not drinking enough fluids Certain foods may cause a strong urine odor Sweat glands in the perineum (area between your legs) Vaginal bacteria What can I do about it? Odor from incontinence It is important to thoroughly clean the area between your legs, and your legs if necessary, after any leakage of urine or stool. Sometimes wiping with toilet paper is just not enough. There are a variety of cleansers or cleansing wipes that allow frequent cleansing without causing irritation to the skin, and dont have to be rinsed off. Some are available in individual packages, or you may want to try pre-moistened, alcohol free baby wipes in the small hard case. Keep a supply of these wipes handy, carry some in your purse, and use them after an episode of incontinence. Many women are concerned about the ... more
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