What Causes Sudden Nose Bleeds?

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1 Answer

For most of us, sudden nose bleeds can be a true mystery. They start up without seemingly any reason and can stop just as abruptly. We don't know when they will strike--during the night while we sleep or during that all-important board meeting at the office? But there has to be a medical reason for this, right? We're going to delve into the possible causes of sudden nose bleeds as well as take a look at some preventative measures that can be taken against them. Before we can look into the causes behind nose bleeds, we first have to understand how the nose works. The nose is chock full of blood vessels. Slight changes to the environment in the nose can have a huge affect on the way these sensitive little vessels perform. Something as simple as low humidity in the air can cause the environment in the nose to go through a drastic change. Injuries are also capable of changing the effectiveness of the nose. It doesn't help that the nose protrudes from the middle of the face where it is ... more
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