What causes wrinkles, sagging skin, lines and facial creases?

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4 Answers

Our beautiful and youthful skin eventually joins us in the aging process. As we grow older, the tissues that normally keep our skin’s appearance youthful and fleshy start to break down, leaving less attractive, sagging skin and unwanted lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. For those willing to undergo medical procedures, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons present a number of options to reduce the appearance of these undesirable characteristics. Cosmetic surgery can temporarily reverse the effects of tissue aging, using common procedures like resurfacing and injections of “fillers” like collagen to fill facial depressions. Injections of Botox®, a commercial product that relaxes facial muscles, strive to preserve a youthful appearance as well. Cosmetic surgery provides a very common avenue for restoration of a youthful appearance.
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Collagen and elastin give our skin its robust character in youth. Age, sun, smoking, illness, diet, genetics contribute to the loss of these support structures over time. Our skin gets weak & folds/pleats in places where muscles force it. Lines on the face also develop from external forces like pressure from sleeping on your side. 

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Getting older,Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light,Smoking,Repeated facial expressions,Nutritional deficiencies,dehydration and in some cases its hereditary too.There are many companies currently offers a variety of wrinkle creams or eye creams from a number of brands.



The first and most common cause of eye wrinkles is aging. As people age it is normal to have wrinkles not just on eyes but also on your neck, face and so on. As we age, our skin, especially in the sensitive parts loses elastin and collagen. This make it to thin, get creases more easily and permanently as well as have lesser moisture.

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