What causes zucchini fruit to fall off the plant?

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1 Answer

The most common cause of zucchini fruit falling off the plant is no or poor pollination. This means that for some reason, the flowers on your zucchini plant were not properly pollinated and the fruit was unable to produce seeds. Remember, a plant’s sole purpose is to produce seeds. When a fruit has shown it will not produce seeds, the plant will “abort” the fruit rather than invest precious time and energy in growing it. A less common reason for zucchini fruit falling off a plant is blossom end rot. The tell tale signs of this are blacked ends on the stunted fruit.How do I fix zucchini fruit falling off the plant prematurely? In situations where you have poor pollination, the first place to look is at your own gardening practices. Are you using pesticides in your garden? Pesticides frequently kill off the good pollinator bugs as well as the bad bugs. If you are using pesticides, stop this practice and look into other pest control methods that will not be as harmful to the pollinators. ... more
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