What changes did British colonisation have on Aborigines, and what were the costs and benefits?

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I don't know a great deal about the Australian aboriginal people, but the early settlers to Australia preferred them to be elsewhere. I seem to think that there was at least one aboriginal who waged a guerrilla war against the British settlers, but it was mainly occasional murders of settlers, with revenge expeditions taking place. In Tasmania, however, the British decided to eradicate the aboriginal population with an organised ethnic cleansing. Settlers and soldiers formed a line across the island and marched forward, shooting any of the aboriginals they saw. A few escaped and were transported to Flinders Island where they lived out the rest of their days in what amounted to a concentration camp. This episode, in which an entire indigenous population were completely eradicated is a very black day on Britains history. To answer your question, this was a complete destruction of a culture, and with no obvious benefits. I understand the modern inhabitants of Tasmania are very aware of ... more
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