What color is a water moccasin snake?

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1 Answer

The general color of a Water Moccasin (also called Copperhead and other names) is brown, gray, tan, yellowish love or black to suit it's ground cover. The dorsal banding is staggered and brighter in color, but as the snake ages the colors conform to olive brown, gray/brown or black. The belling is white/yellow/white or tan marked with dark spots. Water Moccasins are venomous, but unbelievable as it may seem they would rather give a warning of standing straight up in the water to an intruder (such as a human) rather than bite. The bite of a Water Moccasin is venomous, but if help is nearby antibiotics, etc., are given and the person will survive. Another unusual thing is a Water Moccasin can lash out and give what they call a 'dry bite' meaning they have not excreted venom into their victim. more
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