What color shoes and jewelry can I wear with a champagne colored cocktail dress?

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1 Answer

Oh, I forgot! You asked about the jewelry too, and I only answered about the shoes and purse! The jewelry, with a dress that color can really be whatever kind of jewelry is your personal favorite. It's more about the jewels than the exact color to match the dress in this case. Rubies can look beautiful (if those are your birhstone in July, and also my personal favorite), but you can't go wrong with diamonds, EVER (April's birthstone.) Remember, they are a girl's best friend. I am a former jeweler (owned a fine jewelry store), and I have no particular reason to push one over the other, but with this color dress, the choice is really yours. You can wear pearls if you like (June birthstone), or any colored stone that coordinates nicely with your own skin tone. If you look best in warm shades, then wear reddish or golden stones and gold or bronze tone metals, but if you look better in cooler tones with your skin, then wear silver metals and bluish stones or clear stones like sapphire, ...
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