What Common Items Laying Around the House are the valuable Collectibles of the Future?

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1 Answer

My son asked me recently what items he should be saving today that will be worth large sums of money in the future. With my 50+ years of dealing in collectibles of one sort or another, he assumes I have a unique perspective that will allow me to predict the future. If he were only right, I would be sitting on the beach of some south seas island rather than slaving over a keyboard here on the fruited plain. What he is not asking for is a list of collectibles that will steadily appreciate in value- say 5% - 15% a year- presumably the stock market will do that- at least in good times. He is looking for the items that can be picked up for $1 at a garage sale and will be worth $500 in 20 years. While I cannot predict specifically what these items are, I think I can give some general characteristics so you will recognize them when you find them. I would be interested in additional thoughts any readers may have as to these characteristics, and specifically what items might meet them. Here ... more
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