What Conditions May Respond Positively to Benfotiamine and Methyl B12?

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1 Answer

A great many clinical trials to date have mainly concentrated on diabetic complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy. Now researchers are and have done trials that show there are a great many other beneficial effects for both diabetics and non-diabetics. Benfotiamine and Methyl B12 have been shown to help: Nerve cells in the brain and spinal column, Sciatica, vascular health, general nerve health, lower blood pressure, anti-aging, fibromyalgia, and treatment for Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS -- also called Lou Gehrig's disease), dementia, short term memory loss, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy and neurological aging, Bell's Palsy as well as alcoholic polyneuropathy and various forms of idiopathic neuropathy. more
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