What countries border France?

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Identify Frances flag and the type of currency used there. Identify the structures pictured on the patch. 2. Bonjour! (Hello) French is the official language of France, but is also used worldwide by many different people. Learn a few words or phrases in French. You may also wish to check out language tapes or French/English dictionaries from the library. www.quia.com/hm/22758.html (game) 3. French castles are built in many different shapes and sizes. The Louvre is an example of a castle that has been renovated as a museum. Take time to learn more about Frances castles and cathedrals, such as the Notre Dame de Paris, knights, or gargoyles. (940.1 in the library). You can also make a model of a castle or cathedral, draw a picture of a knight, or mold a gargoyle out of clay. www.louvre.fr www.france-travel.net/castle_region_centre.htm 4. Frenchwomen Marie Curie's research and work played an important part in the treatment of cancer. Research other notable people of France such as: Joan ... more
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