What did all the Greek city-states have in common?

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1 Answer

1. The countries were physically small and fairly compact. Compare them to the rangy Empires, such as the Roman or Egyptian, or even the empire founded by Alexander. 2. Common language. They felt a bond with Homer. 3. Essentially self-governing, altho each wasn't necessarily governed in the same way. A belief that each state should establish its own government, be it democracy or whatever. 4. There was a bond between them. They could join together and saw their basic unity when it was necessary to fight a commond enemy, such as the Persians. 5. Common agriculture, weather, surrounding sea. Crops such as olives. Food they would have had in common. 6. Believe in physical fitness and the beauty of the body. The Spartans were physically fit, while the Athenians developed "realistic" portrayals of the human body that would be the envy of the Renaissance. 7. Ethnically they were probably related after earlier invasions had washed down through the Balkans and the penninsula. 8. Slavery. ... more
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