What did knights wear in the medieval times?

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1 Answer

Medieval knights were noblemen trained in combat and imbued with a chivalric code that dictated their behavior. The clothing they wore served as a symbol of their rank.UndergarmentsA knight's foundation garments were made of linen, consisting of an undershirt and pants to provide comfort for their skin.PaddingAbove their underwear, knights wore padded undergarments known as bries and quilted gambeson (jackets) to stay as comfortable as possible while wearing armor.Chain-Mail ArmorWith the padding in place, the knight could then don a suit of chain-mail armor, consisting of interlocking metal rings worn about the body.SurcoatA knight's surcoat was worn on top of their mail. It contained their coat of arms and other heraldic symbols to identify him on the field of battle.Iron PlateA knight's plate armor could be worn in heavy battles: a breastplate, greaves, gauntlets, vambrace and rerebrace for the arms, cuisses and poleyns for the legs, and a helmet for the head.
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