What did the first horses look like?

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The fossil bearing rocks of north america are littered with the remains of the ancestors of the noble horse. So we have plenty of evidence to show the gradual development of the horse's family tree. Many museum displays contain a series of fossil bones shaving the various stages of the long, long story of the horse. The story of the horse and his family dates back some 50 million years. It is a story of a struggle and success, of triumph and disaster. When Columbus came to the new world, there were no horses here. So it came as a surprise when science learned that the entire horse family got its start and spent its early stages in North America. We must go back, back in tune some 50 million years. North America is basking in a baby climate of hot summers and warm winters. The rockies have not grown their proud peaks, and the Gulf of Mexico reaches up into what is now Illinois. There are redwoods and magnolias, fig trees and dainty birches way up in alaska and there axe smiling ... more
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The first horse was eohippus (dawn horse) a five toed animal about the size of a fox, check out tom_hill's link, it's a little rough, but accurate to current thinking. Prezewalski's horses are the most ancient type of modern day equus currently living, they look like heavy bodied, heavy headed ponies with pale yellow to red dun coloring with dorsal stripes and an erect, bushy, black mane. Check out the link below to see Prezewalskis' http://kids.nationalgeographic. more

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