What did the Pilgrims bring with them to America?

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1 Answer

The Pilgrims did not write down lists of the things they brought, so we do not know exactly. Captain John Smith (the same guy rescued by Pocahontas) suggested colonists to Virginia should bring clothing (waistcoats, shirts, pants, collars, stockings, shoes, etc.), along with needles, canvas for making beds and blankets, and spare material to make additional clothing. He suggested each man should bring 8 bushels of wheat, 2 bushels of peas, 2 bushels of oatmeal, 1 gallon of whiskey or brandy, 1 gallon of oil, 2 gallons of vinegar, some sugar, spice and fruit. He recommended body armor, a sword, a belt, a bandolier, 20 pounds of gunpowder and 60 pounds of shot (mostly for hunting birds). He suggested a family of six should bring the following tools: 10 hoes, 7 axes, 5 saws, 2 hammers and 6 chisels, 3 shovels, 2 spades, 2 hatchets, one grindstone, nails, a pick-axe, and various other small tools. For cooking he suggested each family bring an iron pot and kettle, a large frying pan, a ... more
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