What did the priests' do daily for passover for the 7 days in Bible times?

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1 Answer

Their duties included the regular Temple Service plus the additional service for Passover. That means that they set up the piles of fires on the altar, trimmed the wicks on the Menorah, offered the morning burnt offering, offered the incense offering, offered the additional offering for Passover, offered the afternoon burnt offering, burned the incense and lit the Menorah. On the Sabbath, they also offered the additional Sabbath offering. In addition to the above, they would offer sacrifices brought by regular Jews, such as the Chagigah, a peace offering offered on holidays, the Olath Reiyah, a burnt offering brought by pilgrims, any sin or guilt offerings, as well as individual vow offerings. In addition, they blessed the people who came to the Temple and conducted classes. more
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