What did tyranny in the greek polis arose as?

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1 Answer

"The development of the Greek polis--whether a military oligarchy in Sparta or democracy in Athens--allowed citizens to participate in political issues. This concept of the "rule by the people," mainly in Athens, gave the citizens a sense of freedom and harmony. Greeks applied the label "polis" to all of the states, regardless of their political distinctions, because each was a koinonia, a community Early Archaic Period * weak public authority * large families were the strongest in society * every city-state consisted of a king, a council and an assembly of adult male citizens * tyrants held no office After the Early Archaic Period After this period, the concept of the polis began to change. The regulation of power changed, along with the rights and duties of the people. The Greeks located the source of authority in the polis. Policy was decided in open discussions. In order to function, the society needed "a sense of community and a genuine willingness on the part of its members to ...
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