What disadvantages are there of watching horror films that were shot in the 1930's?

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There are no disadvantages to watching any film period. Simply viewing a film/piece of art is not going to have a detrimental effect on you. Is your question what are the limitations of filmmaking with respect to technology? What kind of technology do you mean? Advancements with respect to the equipment (lenses, cameras, sound equip.)? Or do you mean computer manipulation? Technology does not make storytelling any better. It's only a tool. When you are limited budget-wise or by the medium or technology available, you have two options: invent the technology needed/wait for it to be invented or find an alternative way to achieve the desired/required element (via storytelling, editing, or special effects). The 1931 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde might be a bad example for your particular thesis. It has effects that can only work in B/W photography because of how colors read in B/W and their manipulation of that. You could not do that same effect in a color film. And because they used live color/ ... more
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