What do blackberry plants look like?

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1 Answer

Blackberries grow on bushes and make a wonderful summer treat for those who grow them or find them in the wild. Some people find them a nuisance, but consistent trimming can solve this problem.LeavesBlackberry leaves taper to a point and often have fringed edges. They grow alternately on the stem, rather than directly across from one another, and each leaf actually consists of three to five leaflets, according to Rosie Lerner of Purdue University.FlowersBefore the berries appear, blackberry bushes grow small white or pinkish flowers. A spray of pistils reaches out from the center of the flower.BerriesBlackberries are pinkish red before they ripen, and when fully ripe, they turn black, plump and shiny. They peak in June in the south and in July or August in the north, according to PickYourOwn.org.ThornsSharp thorns grow on blackberry bushes. Thus, people often wear gloves and long sleeves when picking the berries.StructureA blackberry bush is made up of numerous canes, each of which ...
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