What do Burmese pythons look like?

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1 Answer

The most striking characteristic is their size, says Scott Hardin, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s exotic species coordinator. The largest python pulled out of Everglades National Park was about 16 feet long and weighed 150 pounds. It was found earlier this year, basking on one of the levies just south of U.S. 41 East. They have a pyramid shaped head and a series of blotches like puzzle pieces all along the length of the body. The ones out in the Everglades are a brownish-gold color with a dark arrowhead on the top of the head, Hardin says. There are other color varieties that have been bred for the pet industry, including yellow ones they call albinos, but those are usually more expensive and haven’t been found in the Everglades. How do they catch and eat their food? Pythons are ambush predators. When they get large they don’t move that fast, but their brownish gold patchwork skin is great camouflage. “They will lie in wait and when something comes along they ... more
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