What do feral cats look like?

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Feral cats are usually shorthaired and have lost the variations in coat colour that highly bred domestic cats show. However, it is not possible to be certain that a cat is a feral cat, just by its appearance or body size. Where do they live? Feral cats are found in many different types of habitat, from deserts to forests and alpine regions. They are less common in closed forests, preferring open, dryer habitats such as grasslands. Feral cats are able to survive in dry conditions, as they do not need drinking water. They get the moisture they need from their prey. How often do they breed? Adult feral cats are usually solitary. They usually breed twice a year from September to March. Most litters have about four kittens. Males become mature from about one year old, while females can start to breed from around 10 months. How far do they roam? A feral cat's home range varies in size, depending on the availability of its food. In one study of an open forest environment, in the central ... more
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