What do fleas feed on?

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Like most living things, fleas need to eat to survive. Fleas eat by biting their targets and ingesting their blood. When a flea bites, its saliva helps to prevent the blood it is ingesting from clotting. These blood meals provide nourishment to adult fleas and allow female fleas to reproduce by laying eggs. Fleas will take multiple meals from their host daily. How many offspring can a flea produce? In a fleas lifetime it can produce up to approximately 2000 eggs and if feeding on a regular basis it can produce 20 to 50 eggs a day. These eggs can develop into adult fleas within about 2 weeks if ideal conditions are provided. It is possible for immature flea stages to lay dormant for up to one year before emerging. What is flea dirt? Flea dirt is the waste product that fleas excrete after eating. Flea dirt is dark in colour resembling pepper and is primarily made up of undigested blood. Once left behind, this dirt is ingested by the more immature forms of fleas. You can tell the differen