What do I need to create my Chikka Wallet account?

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Smart Smart

From my own experience, I recommend a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, i use ledger nano and never had any problem and i use it almost every week, but please always check the address you send on your ledger screen to be sure you not have the virus that change bitcoin address when copy and paste.


If you’ve created the account. Congrats- now you can easily make ten times more money than you if you have some of the currencies in BTC. Currently, the BTC casinos market is booming and you can make good cash there bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. Check it out and test you luck as it works for now.


Agree with Bruce here, the main question – what cryptocurrency are you going to operate with.
However, for the majority of cryptocurrencies I would recommend Changelly. Competitive market rates, 24/7 support. They’ve recently been mentioned and reviewed in several trustworthy crypto news aggregators.

Bruce Smm

It depends on what currency you want to operate with. If you are dealing with a cryptocurrency like bitcoins, ethereum, etc. I recommend you to use the lumi wallet that is the most popular crypto wallet and exchange service nowadays. It has both mobile and web wallet versions and pretty easy registration process.


You will need the following: • Active e-mail address where we will send you information on how to verify your account and periodically send important announcements about your Wallet account. • Active PayPal account so you could buy Chikka credits for your Wallet. If you do not intend to buy credits, you can still create your Wallet even without a PayPal account.

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