What do lovebirds eat ?

EAT lovebirds

In captivity, some birds will consume only a very limited variety of foods, while other birds will eat an unlimited variety of foods. The feeding response seems to be highly correlated to the availability of food during the handfeeding or chick through juvenile phase. Those feeding the greatest variety have birds that are interested and curious about new foods, while those who feed a very limited or abbreviated mixture of foods tend to have birds that are reluctant to attempt new foods. Breeders will often go so far as to prepare special meals or cakes of food and provide these to the birds at regular intervals. They may also feed seeds, fruit and vegetables individually or in mixed collections. Fairly common foods for all species include apples; lettuce (romaine; iceberg;); spinach; cauliflower; parsley; figs; banana; peppers; carrots, grated or thawed and warmed frozen vegetables; broccoli; corn on the cob or from thawed frozen bags (warmed); bean sprouts; fresh grass (grown in small


Lovebirds love to eat sunflower seeds in the wild and other fruits. As a pet they will eat bird seed, apples, bananas, cooked beans, blueberries, and beets. They will also eat some green vegetables.