What do penguins taste like?

penguins taste

And as if by magic… :O) I actually haven’t eaten penguin meat, but I have eaten penguin eggs, both fried and in an omelette. They’re quite a bit fishier than hen eggs, with a hint of a kind of straw-y taste which I can never put my finger on, but always reminds me of pet shops. Also, the ‘white’ stays completely translucent when boiled, so if you peel a hard boiled penguin egg it looks like something out of a sci-fi film – a huge, orange yolk suspended in a ball of clear jelly. (I should add, before everyone worries that Falkland Islanders are eating penguins into extinction, that I got the eggs from someone with a licence – the Govt. licenses the collection of a certain number of eggs for consumption each year: it’s part of the Falkland Islanders’ heritage, honest).


Based on those descriptions, it sounds a lot like it would taste like muskrat (I’m from Inuvik – we have a Muskrat Jamboree every year) or whale.