What do people from Chile look like and what do they traditionally wear?

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To understand what Chileans "look like" you need to understand Chile's history. Chile was inhabited by some native tribes until it was colonized by the Spaniards. In the 18th and 19th centuries a large number of English, Germans, Irish, Italians, French, Croatians came to Chile, among others. The result, is a country with 30% white, 5% native and 6% mestizo (mixed white/native). You will see people in chile ranging from 4' to 6'5" tall; light and dark skinned; blond and black hair. Out on the street, you will see people wear everything from suits to shorts and flip-flops. I grew up in Chile and currently live in Los Angeles... lets just say there isn't much difference, except that in Chile it is more common to dress up. I doubt you'll see anyone at a mall or supermarket wearing pajamas (I love LA!). The traditional chilean is the "Huaso", which is like the chilean cowboy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huaso Some popular gro more
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