What do Scandinavian accents sound like?

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With that name you're probably a Swedish-speaking Finn, so your accent should be a little like Finnish. try to find recordings or Finnish politicians or something (like mrs President Tarja Halonen, mr Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen or others) speaking English, as they quite often do. YouTube? Just a few suggestions: 1. no aspirated consonants (no "h-puffs" when you use k, p and t - make the candle-test: if the candle flame is flickering too hard when you speak, you use too much aspiration) 2. if you want to feel more Finnish than Swedish-speaking Finn, exchange all b's, d's and g's for p's, t's and k's 3. most important: all sentences should have a constantly falling melody until the very end - start high and then just fall, fall, fall ... You can go up again if you stress an important word, but then you must keep falling! 4. never sound joyful - always melancholic! (Of course this is an exaggeration, but if you want to play someone you don't know anything about, exaggeration is a ... more
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