What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

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1 Answer

A guide’s appearance usually is related to their purpose in your life. There are guides that are protective and may look like a Roman soldier or an ancient Arabian bodyguard. Some have a spiritual purpose and may look like a monk, nun or wise man. Many guide’s I’ve encountered had a past life with the person they’re watching over. They may look like they did in that life. If they had a number of lives with that person, the guide may choose an appearance that gets the most important message across. The spirit guide that I communicate with most appears as a Sioux indian, although we had a number of lives together. His appearance conveys spiritual wisdom, bravery and an appreciation for nature, all characteristics that I value greatly. In that life, he was my older brother, serving a role similar to his current, one as my spirit guide. Totem animals are another type of spirit guide whose appearance has an important message. In performing readings, my experience has been that everyone ... more
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