What do the abbreviations for officers, directors, managers and managing members stand for?

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1 Answer

Our database provides for four characters with no spaces in between to reflect the title of a particular individual (i.e., officer, director, manager or managing member). The following abbreviations are common, but some can have different meanings. You may have to view the actual imaged document to determine the exact title of some principals. The most frequently used abbreviations and meanings are: P = President or Pastor; V = Vice President; S = Secretary; T = Treasurer or Trustee; C = Chairman or Chief Executive Director; D = Director or Deacon; MGR = Manager; MGRM = Managing Member; AS = Assistant Secretary; and CEO = Chief Executive Officer. One person may serve in more than one capacity. For example: PDTS is President, Director, Treasurer and Secretary. Some Masonic Lodges, churches, and civic organizations may have unfamiliar offices or titles. For example: G = Grand Master; W = Worshipful Master; A = Admiral; S = Sister; and B = Brother. more
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