What do the Bobcat model numbers mean?

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2 Answers

Basics of the Bobcat model numbering system are as follows: The initial letter designation is the type of product: S Skid-Steer Loader T Compact Track Loader A All-Wheel Steer Loader MT Mini-Track Loader V VersaHandler Telescopic Tool Carrier Regarding Loaders, the numbers following designate the Rated Operating Capacity (ROC): S205 Skid-Steer Loader with 2050 lb ROC T140 Compact Track Loader with 1400 lb ROC A300 All-Wheel Steer Loader with 3000 lb ROC MT55 Mini Track Loader with 550 lb ROC Regarding VersaHandlers, the numbers following designate rated load capacities and maximum lift height: V417 VersaHandler with rated load capacity of 4,400 pounds and a maximum lift height of 17 feet For more information please contact your local authorized Bobcat dealer. They are your Bobcat specialist and are there to service you. For your convenience in finding the dealer nearest you we have provided a Dealer Locator. more
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