What do the different color mens jail jumpsuits mean for la county?


What do the different color mens jail jumpsuits mean for la county?

Brian Morris

From my experience In Los Angeles County Mens Central Jail (Twin towers)

They don’t wear jumpsuit, its call scrubs Top and Bottom (little thick and very durable, can take a beating)

Blue top and Blue bottom = General Population (the majority).

Yellow top and Blue bottom = Psychotic Inmate (most likely on Meds).

Orange top and Orange bottom = are call "High Power" (like murderer or rapist) or criminals highly publicize by the media and most dangerous Gang member wear orange.

Dark Brown top and Dark Brown bottom = Inmates with Medical conditions, some in wheelchair.

Red top and Red bottom = Inmate Contempt of Court and i think dangerous gang leader or mafia leaders, haven’t seen many red top and bottom inmate.

Black top and Black bottom = Condemned inmate, convicted and sentence to death by the courts, waiting to be tranfers by CDCR to San Quentin.


the tops and bottom of these baby blue and light green uniform are thin (like bed sheet, just the surgeons wear in the hospital

Baby Blue top and Baby Blue bottom = Homosexual inmate.

Light Green top and Light Green bottom = Trustee (privilege inmate trusted to work)


All Inmates have ID tags on their left wrist (They are also call Meat Tags)to identify who they are, they received there id tags when they are book at the police station, They are used to track every inmate status like getting on bus, getting off bus, entering court building and jails and the process of stages within the jail.

Some inmate have addition tags with their ID tags, like¬†Psychotic inmate on meds, dangerous inmate that can’t be around with other inmates (cell all by them self), protective custody inmates, dangerous inmates with NO Telephone Tags, and so on, so on


they are all seperate by color uniform.


Different colors identify different categories of offenders. YEARS back I spent a few days in the San Bernardino City Jail. Back then regular inmates were given orange coveralls. Violent offenders known as “high powered” were issued red coveralls. Those in protective custody wore white and homosexuals were issued purple coveralls. Color coding uniforms allows the deputies to quickly identify a dangerous or potentially vulnerable inmate at a distance and know who belongs in each area.

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