What do the different colors of poker chips mean?

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What do the different colors of poker chips mean?

Paul Blank

Contrary to what some people believe, the chips are not worth more the darker the color.  Although I am not aware of the regional differences, for the most popular colors the common standard values are:

White 1 
Red 5
Blue 10
Green 25
Black 100

There are actually more chip colours with standardised values and you can find a free printable guide at:


Hope that helps.


Different colors are used to differentiate the different values of the poker chips. Most casinos use the same colors to players don’t get confused. The most common colors used at United States casinos are: White or blue: $1 Pink: $2.50 (used almost exclusively at blackjack tables) Red: $5 Blue: $10 Green: $25 Black: $100 Lavender: $500 European casinos use a similar scheme, though certain venues (such as Aviation Club de France) use pink for €2 and blue for €10. European casinos also use plaques rather than chips for high denominations (usually in the €1000 and higher range). The Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey has used pink chips in $7.50-$15 and $10-$20 poker games. Low-denomination yellow chips can vary in value: $20 by statute in Atlantic City and Illinois (which, oddly, also uses “mustard yellow” $0.50 chips); $5 at most Southern California poker rooms; $2 at Foxwoods’ poker room in Ledyard, Connecticut and at Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona; and $0.50 at Potawatom

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