What do Ukrainian people look like?

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1 Answer

Extremely varied. The history of Ukraine is as complex and varied as its people. Regional variations within Ukraine are a factor sometimes but not always due to migratory patterns. You cannot accurately and realistically view Ukrainians through the reduced scope of a stereotype which is a rather common and predominant characteristic amongst modern Westerners. If you choose to live or stay in Ukraine for an extended time period you will begin to see the variation in people. One Ukrainian may be very Nordic, pale, blue eyes and blonde hair and pass for a stereotypical Norwegian, while the next Ukrainian may be shorter with dark hair, brown eyes and rather different facial structure and resemble some sort of Southern European type. The only thing constant is that all ethnic Ukrainians are Slavic Indo-Europeans or "white" as the Americans call it. -If you are serious about exploring Ukrainians but do not want to or cannot spend time in Ukraine, you can go to the Flickr photo site and ... more
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