What do women wear in Ireland?

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1 Answer

Ireland is a land rich in history and tradition, but is also a very modern western country. This duality is apparent in the fashion of Irish women, where examples of traditional dress are still found alongside modern styles.Modern Irish DancersThe female Irish dancers of today still use traditional peasant style skirts when performing. Each dancing school uses a distinct color and pattern. Many experts in Irish dancing can determine the school of a dancer simply by her dress. When an Irish dancer achieves the highest level of skill, she chooses a solo dress. This dress is of a style and color unique to that dancer.SweatersIreland is known for its beautiful woolen sweaters which originated on the Aran Islands in western Ireland in the 1930's. Many modern Irish women still dress in these sweaters, since they are suitable to the wet, cool climate.CriosAnother creation that hales from the Aran Islands is the crios. This is a traditional woven tie belt that many modern Irish women wear. ...
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