What does a chimney fire look like?

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1 Answer

A bad chimney fire will have a big cloud of dense smoke billowing out of the chimney and have flames or sparks shooting out of the top of the chimney. Because you are inside the house, you may not see a chimney fire. Noise and hot smell are the other two indicators. When you have a chimney fire, you may hear a loud crackling or popping noise. A bad chimney fire will make a loud rumbling or roaring noise. It may sound like a freight train or a jet engine. Warning: a small chimney fire can go un-noticed but burn hot enough to damage the chimney. A damaged chimney can let fire migrate to the house. What to Do if You Have a Chimney Fire If you realize a chimney fire is occurring, follow these steps: 1. Get everyone out of the house, including yourself 2. Call the fire department. If you can do so without risk to yourself, these additional steps may help save your home. Remember, however, that homes are replaceable, lives are not. 3. Put a chimney fire extinguisher into the fireplace or ... more
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