What does a full moon mean in dreams, I need an interpretation?

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1 Answer

The message in dreams are taylored at each individual person. Because of this is not what I think the moon means but what you think the moon means to you. That being said, I think the moon is not as important here as you make it out to be. I think the moon is just an attraction. It is there to represent something awesome you want to see or something you want to get or maybe get away with. This is why in the dream you want to tell your sister because you want to share what you see. It would also explain the odd shape and color of the moon. I mean, if it was a regular moon then it wouldn't be so important but because is a special moon then it gets a bit more meaning. Then there is the part where you hide from your uncle. Maybe this means that it is something naughty. Something that you shouldn't be doing or something very personal to you that you do not want to share with an authority figure. Again, dreams are meant for each indivual so my interpretation aboe may be completely off the ... more
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