What does a landscape architect do?

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A landscape architect is responsible for the design and layout of gardens, parks and other outdoor spaces. Landscape architects often work with contractors, builders and architectural firms on collaborative projects. The design of the exterior space has a huge impact on the feel and utility of a building, adding or detracting from the design. In order to become a landscape architect, you will need to complete post-secondary education in landscape architecture from an accredited university, community or career college. These programs are typically three to four years in length and provide training on design elements, water distribution and environmental impact of design. Many people learn landscape architecture to fulfill a dream and passion for nature. A typical landscape architect’s day can be divided into two main elements: design and implementation. Landscape architects work with a wide range of clients, ranging from private individuals to local governments. Many landscape ... more
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We do more than just gardens! We are trained to design and solve problems in areas that occur outside the building walls. We do grading, drainage, pools and ponds, walls and fences, masonry, metal or wood construction, lighting, furnishings, pergolas, arbors, planting, cutting gardens, fire pits, putting greens, tennis, basketball and bocce courts, and even schematic designs for small buildings such as pool houses or pavilions. Katherine Field and Associates also designs custom furniture, stone carvings and sculptural elements for the landscape, and will find appropriate antique ornaments and sculpture. Our services include consulting on new building placement, septic system locations, identifying existing plant material, overall site evaluation, master planning, permitting, design development through construction drawings, cost estimating and phasing plans, bidding, construction phase administration, maintenance manuals, plant tagging, renderings and site models. We think working on ... more
Best Answer: Landscape architectsLandscape architect jobs are expected to increase due to a growing demand for incorporating natural elements into man-made environments, along with the need ... www.bls.gov/oco/ocos039. more
a bit of extra money, and a need to do something creative with both, you might consider hiring a Landscape Architect. These artists of the garden weave together the planting talents of a landscaper and the structural design talents of an architect, to create incredible gardens with unparalleled visual appeal. more

The Landscape Architect is a person who should be a knowledgable environmentalist and possess the ability to be very patient as he goes through all the approval processes that are necessary. He meets with the Developer of the project, the Architect, the property surveyors, Civil engineers and Hydrologist.

Keeping in with his clients needs, he goes to the site and examines it taking in consideration the path of the sun, how it pans over the site, sloping of the land, the  soil, climate. Whether or not there are any streams, types of foliage and trees.

This is where the knowledge of how arts and sciences work together the ability to combine the aesthetic and the the functional and make them work together as he could be creating an ecosysstem that must persevere through time.

He figures out the placement of buildings, walkways, roadways, land gradings. shrubbery, trees, flowers perhaps a nice courtyard where families can come sit and the children can run through the fountains on a hot summer day.

Confident that he has filled his clients needs he draws up a roughdraft, puts it into a computer program and meets with his clent, all within his clients budget or his bid. Waits for approval from both his client and the Government reglulators.

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