What does a mushroom trip feel like?

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1 Answer

I believe mushrooms are better than weed. Weed shows up on drug tests, mushrooms don't. Weed can make you smile, but mushrooms can take you to paradise. A trip can feel different for different users. Mushrooms will greatly enhance your perception of everything. Music is far more interesting because you can hear every subtlety of every instrument. With sex you can feel every sensation with greater intensity. Mushrooms can make you so happy and alive that you want to dance and jump with joy! But... The experience you have depends on your mindset and your environment. If you have problems in your life, then you can expect them to become very clear very quickly and this can be scary. To avoid a bad trip, dose when you are happy and with people you are completely comfortable around, in a place where you feel safe. There's also nothing wrong with taking a small dose your first time. more
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