What does a recording studio producer, vocal producer, vocal consultant, vocal arranger, music director DO?

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I was asked to clarify what a vocal producer did recently, and did it mean the same thing as a vocal arranger. Here are some services available for recording projects and live performances that may interest you and help you define, find and hire what you really need: RECORDING STUDIO PRODUCER Like a commander-in-chief, this is the over-all point person you choose to get your project recorded. You will negotiate a flat fee, an hourly fee and/or for "percentage points" of the sale of your project. Among the duties this person assumes are - • Consulting with you about what you want in a final product, as well as helping you understand the process and the costs involved in the kind of project you choose. • Assessing who you are as an artist, what your current vocal and songwriting ability is and whether or not you need to increase your abilities with a vocal coach and/or do some co-writing before recording to give you the results you need for your goals. • Choosing or helping you choose ...
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