What does a scrotum saline injection procedure look like?

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1 Answer

The fetishist or the partner who is about to administer a scrotum saline injection should prepare the necessary equipment in a sterile environment and lay all the utensils out on a sterile cloth. After that, the fetishist’s scrotum has to be cleaned and sterilized on the outside. For the scrotum saline injection to be administered properly, a sterile injection feed has to be inserted into the scrotum, without making contact with the testicles. Then, the scrotum saline injection should be administered into one part of the scrotum first and then into the other. “Rookies” should start with a smaller amount of the saline solution (3.4 ounces = 100ml), while more experienced “users” can take a saline solution amount of up to 17 ounces (=500ml). more
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