What does a sugar glider look like?

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Sugar gliders resemble a cross between a miniature squirrel and a possum. They have big, bold, round black eyes. They have large, erect, well-defined and sensitive ears. And a long furry tail with a dark tip. There head is wedge-shaped. Some people like to call them Gremlins because their eyes and ears resemble that movie character. Sugar gliders are brownish grey in color with subtle cream-colored undercoat. They have a very delicate appearance, and five digits on each foot. Both sexes generally look alike with the exception of a diamond-shaped scent gland on the mature male which resembles a bald spot on his forehead. Sugar gliders measure between 6 - 9 inches long and their tail of about the same length. They also have a gliding membrane, similar to the side flaps that are found on flying squirrels, which is attached to the front and hind legs. more
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An adult sugar glider head and body measure about 5 to 6 inches in length with a tail equal in length to aid in balance and gliding. An adult male in proper body condition weighs about 100g to 130g, where as an adult female will be around 90g. The tail is fluffy, often curls on the end and usually is longer than the body length. Sugar gliders have hairless ears that can be moved independently in order to pick up the smallest sounds. A “wild type” or “standard” color sugar glider is gray or brownish in color with a long black stripe that runs from its’ nose to the end of the back. The underside of a sugar glider is a cream or white color. The last inch or so of the tail is black or brown. They have large protruding eyes, like most nocturnal animals, to allow for a wider field of vision. A sugar glider has five digits on each forefoot, with sharp claws to help grip branches. The hind feet also have 5 digits, and include a partially fused together 2nd and 3rd digit used for a grooming ... more

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