What does a Swollen Eyelid Mean?

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1 Answer

Swollen eyelid is a puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids. Swollen eyelids have two forms. It can be either painful or non-painful. The most common swollen eyelid cause is some kind of infection. When the swollen eyelid does not have any pain, then it can be due to some allergic reactions which has caused blockage of glands present in the eyelid. Children often get swollen eyelid as they tend to touch or rub their eyes with unclean hands. When the swollen eyelid is accompanied by pain then it means there is some eye problem like conjunctivitis or pink eye, blepharitis, stye, orbital cellulitis, and chalazion. For more information refer to allergies of the eyes. How to Reduce Swelling on Eyelids? Here we have discussed swollen eyelid cures according to the underlying conditions that give rise to eye problems: Blepharitis: This occurs due to a common bacterial infection of the oil glands present near the eyelashes. It is often accompanied by other symptoms like irritation of the ... more
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