what does a travel brochure look like

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what does a travel brochure look like

Marty Simpson

travel brochureA travel brochure will typically have a lot of images and key facts about the location, including reasons why the traveler should choose this destination. It should be vibrant and interesting and show people or backgrounds that are either relaxing, exhilarating, or romantic, depending on the target audience.

Key points to always include in a travel brochure:

  • Large and colorful images
  • Large headers that grab reader’s attention
  • Captions for images (often if dialogue is skipped, captions will be read)
  • Second headers that expand on the title and encourage further reading
  • Contact and company or hotel information
  • Lists with key features or attractions that might be of interest or are popular about the location

I will tell the students that they will be making their own travel brochures on Egypt. Ill ask them, What do you expect to see in a travel brochure? Ill gather ideas from them. In order to make a travel brochure, they need to look at published travel brochures to see what types of words are commonly used in the brochures. I will tell them that persuasive and describing words are usually used to make the place sound great so people will want to go there. I will ask for someone to tell me what an adjective is. I will tell the students that brochures are usually loaded with adjectives. I will hand out examples of travel brochures and have them work in pairs to find all the persuasive words and phrases and adjectives that they can find. I will give them 5-8 minutes to find and underline the persuasive and descriptive words and phrases. Then they will tell me what they found and I will write them on chart paper. Mini Lesson #2: Superlatives I will tell the class that there is another way th

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